The response and outstanding standard of work entered into last year's Olympic Art Competition for the Santry Athletics has encouraged us to run a similar competition this year for the 2017. In keeping with the healthy lifestyle approach taken by all schools and the many TV and radio promotions to encourage all children to eat well and exercise , we have decided to launch a scheme to deter and discourage all children from taking up smoking . The theme of the art competition is called " don't start ! " So you have to design a poster in any art form , pencil , crayon , paint etc that gets the message across to all primary school children . It can be cartoon based , funny ,dramatic . Once it conveys the message to all who see it and read it .
There will be prizes in each section . One overall winner in junior and senior with a first prize of a fifty euro voucher. There will be four other
prizes of a twenty five euro voucher.
One of the prizes in both juniorand senior will be for SN pupils. 
Prizes will given out in Santry on the FIELD EVENTS DAY on 22nd May
Teachers should mark the special needs art entries with a white sticker in the lower left corner of the work with the letters S.N. for the purpose of judging . In the event of a school not being there on that day we will contact them at a later date . The winners will be put up on the website and also the highly recommended entries too. We hope to put the winning entries on next year's poster as well

 There will be two sections:                               Junior section  3rd and 4th class

                                                                          Senior section  5th and 6th class

Only one entry from each school per section will be accepted. This will be a paperless exercise

Finished entries  must be scanned or photographed and sent  from each school with pupils name, class and school name.

All entries to be returned on or before 10th May 2017

E-Mail all entries to;



More Information later